DJ Timbalero

This edition will honor his 25 years of passion and madness - a la Cubano.

Specialised in: Cuban, Salsa

François DJ Timbalero discovered Cuban music in 1997 while living in Paris. He meets Jack El Calvo and falls madly in love with Cuban music and dance.  In 2004, he moved to Strasbourg where , with other "locos", he created the AHINAMA association and organized the Cubahinama Festival with the greatest dancers and concerts of major groups of Cuban music (Havana D Primera, Maykel Blanco, Bamboleo, Adalberto Alvarez y Su Son, Elito Revé y su Charangon, Papucho y Manana Club, Calle Real).
He plays in the biggest festivals in Europe (Havana Belgrado, FIC, El Sol Festival, Timba Paradise, Rainbow Festival, Cuba In Tunisia,...) and in 2018 he had the immense privilege of being invited to play at Maykel Blanco's Havana Salsa Festival in La Havana.
For the first time, the CSSF 2023 edition will commemorate his 25 years of passion and madness! 


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