Azael & Julia

Azael & Julia are energetic and charismatic dancers, who can combine in a dance speed and high energy with romance and sensuality. Their style is a fusion between bachata sensual and ballroom dance.

Specialised in: Bachata
Workshops: 4 on pre-festival days (Wed - Thu), 4 on weekend (Fri-Sun)
Shows: 1

Azael Salazar is originally from Mexico now living in Vilnius Lithuania. He is the director of Fever Dance Studio and has a very successful network of students show groups called “Bachata Fever”. He is known because of his non-stop creative choreographic works. But most important is the way how he leads his classes mixing the right amount between technique and fun.

This year, he comes in a pair with Julia Ruiz Fernández - a versatile and hardworking professional dancer and actress from Málaga, Spain. She holds several European titles in ballroom and Latin American dance, including the UK Bachata champion in 2016. She is a versatile and passionate dancer who loves and trains in all styles of dance, including contemporary, ballet, flamenco, jazz, hip hop, latin, ballroom, and commercial dance.

Julia has been working worldwide as a dancer for the last nine years, performing in different productions at the Royal Opera House, Strictly Come Dancing UK tours, Swan Lake, and Piano Legends Live.

Recently, she was performing in the West End in London with the Broadway Gloria Estefan’s Musical "On Your Feet".


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