Carlos & Chloe

Carlos & Chloe

They come from the Land Down Under... and they are here to take the bachata scene by storm! They are young, extremely sexy and a true sight for sore eyes - say hello to Carlos and Chloe!

Specialised in: Bachata
Shows: 1

Carlos Redondo (Spain) and Chloe Loh (Australia) both now living in Brisbane Australia are a new dance couple that have emerged to bring his European bachata style and her sexy and dynamic Australian style together. They have been dancing for a couple of years now and they represent their own unique fresh urban bachata style. With a focus on working with their strengths and upgrading their weaknesses they brought a vibrant and energetic feel to the Latin Scene and their journey, that has just started, is being an exciting one. Carlos and Chloe have taught and performed in many congresses and festivals, such as Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, UK and now they are back in Croatia!


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