Diana Rodriguez

Diana Rodriguez

Diana embodies the new fresh Cuban strength on the dance floors. Representing the next generation of Cuban dance with the perfect combination of traditional Cuban flavor mixed with the new style of Cuban fury pimped with her funky attitude and unavoidable smile. Fun train passing through Rovinj, be sure to save your seat on time.

Specialised in: Cuban salsa
Workshops: 3 on pre-festival days, 4 on weekend (Fri-Sun)
Shows: 1

Diana Rodriguez Garcia was born in the city of Santiago de Cuba. She studied at the School of Dance Art’s, both modern and contemporary dances. She graduated as a teacher and a dancer of Cuban folk dances. She was a student in the company for modern dances, and also a member of Dance Theater of the Caribbean. She loves to dance and to learn always something new and she believes that a real professional is not who is satisfied with the achievements, but who seeks each day the way to overcome them.

Together with Osmani Segura, they will light up Rovinj's stages and dance floors.


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