Panagiotis & Myrto

Panagiotis & Myrto

Panagiotis and Myrto are a highly talented and ambitious couple taking the salsa NY style community by storm. Ready for another round of their energy? 

Specialised in: Salsa on2
Workshops: 3 on pre-festival days, 4 on weekend (Fri-Sun)
Shows: 1

Panagiotis and Myrto are the most famous Greek couple representing their country in congresses worldwide. They are performers, teachers, choreographers and in the past years competitors with amazing results in their bio. Dancing together for already six years, this young salsa couple is known for their countless moves, impressive styling and outstanding, captivating and tricky turn patterns! Their unique dancing, full of fun, speed, styling and mambo madness, paired with an entertaining, yet highly professional way of teaching, paved them the way to many prestigious festivals in different parts of the world! Together they run two Salsa Schools in Athens in Greece, SalsaDoo Dance School. 


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