Raul & Delia

Raul & Delia

Another potent duo from the salsa starry sky has returned to join us!

Specialised in: Afro-Cuban, Body movement, Salsa on2
Workshops: 3 on pre-festival days, 3 on weekend (Fri-Sun)
Shows: 1

Delia Madera was born and raised in New York City, from Dominican parents. Her salsa dance career has started in 2007 as she joined a Company called Yamulee Dance Company, directed by Osmar Perrones. In 2009 Madera has started traveling the world as a professional dancer with Yamulee. During her journey she has visited many countries worldwide. During her career she had the pleasure to dance on stage with Jose Alberto "El Canario" David Kada, Oscar de Leon, Chiquito Team Band, Jhonny Ventura etc.

Delia has won eleven first place world championships. Seven in the team division and four in female soloist division. Currently she is the director of a team of ladies called ZUBERI LADIES and a Group team called Rumbayá Dance Project. Madera is also a part of the New York Movement and a soloist salsa dancer.

This year, she will be joined again by the incredible Raul Valenzuela - again. Straight from New York comes this fiery couple who started building their joint career in 2021.

Raul Valenzuela was born in the Dominican Republic but raised in New York City. He started his salsa career ten years ago with the Yamuleé Dance Company directed by Osmar Perrones.


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