Santee & Sasha

Meet this exciting rising star presenting Cali-style salsa!

Specialised in: Cali latin style, LA salsa, Rumba, Salsa on2
Workshops: 5 on weekend (Fri-Sun)
Shows: 1

Born in Colombia and moving to London as a child, Santee Hernandez began his dance journey at the age of 9 years old. He began with South American folk dance and Cali style salsa.

He started to compete as a soloist and went on numerous TV shows where he was called to showcase his talent.

At the age of 16, he traveled to Colombia to train with Imperio Juvenil. He also competed with them and won several competitions and titles, and that time in Colombia inspired him to continue his journey and try to become one of the best dancers in Europe.

Then he started teaching everything that he had learned at his own dance academy, Los Rumberos, but he still continued to learn different salsa styles like On2, Son, LA, and even Afro rumba. With all these styles, he made choreographies with his dance group that went to compete internationally, and he became one of the most wanted and respected teachers in the UK.

Sasha Phillips started her dance journey at the age of 17. She has been teaching salsa internationally since 2017. 

Sasha began her salsa training at a dance school in London, where she learned and studied Cali salsa from Colombia. She spent many years developing knowledge and understanding of that style, which led to her doing many shows as a team but also as a couple. 

She started to travel to international congresses, where she discovered other styles of salsa such as LA, On2, and Afro-Cuban. She has trained with several top artists in this industry, such as Bersy Cortez, Fernando Sosa, Tania, Anita, Angelo Rito, and Maykel Fonts

There are two aspects to Sasha’s style. One of which includes mastering an understanding of the use of body movement within salsa, as well as the expression of movement through the music, her body, and partner work. Sasha has taken part in many internal shows and competitions. Her ladies team placed first at the Miami Salsa Summit 2023. Also, Sasha came first in the salsanama improvisations as a couple. 

Sasha is the director and choreographer of her own team called Salsa Furia. She currently has around four teams around the UK. She travels nationally and internationally with her team to perform and compete in different salsa events and competitions.


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