Ansima Production (Italy)

Ansima Production (Italy)

Ansima Production represents pure dance quality giving the formal respect to salsa roots but at the same time suggesting a continuous evolution of dance techniques.

This dance company was created in 2008 in Milan, Italy by choreographer and Italian dancer Marco Ferrigno. From the beginning, he has selected dancers with a very high profile and international background, so the group has grown to a fusion of diverse culture and  talents, each contributing to its flair. July 2010 was the first time they performed their "Poesia" production - and managed to leave the audience in awe. It is a 45-min performance showing a fusion of salsa with flamenco, rumba, Afro, lyrical jazz, ballet and different Latin rhythms, uniquely decorated with personal music interpretation. Ansima Production Ballet is currently growing as one of the most recognized dance companies in the world, paving their way to the stars by showing how music is primarily felt and then danced.


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