25 May 2021
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Beachin' in Rovinj Paradise

Good times and tan lines

Where we left our dancing footprints...
A series of short, touristically informative blog posts that evoke wonderful summer dance memories. Enjoy remembering :)

Who remembers our very first beach party at the festival? Clear turquoise sea in front of you, white pebbles beneath and straw umbrellas with their sunbeds protruding exotically from green and fresh backdrop, shiny happy people cheering and dancing… Yep, you got it right – Paradiso beach bar, back then in 2012!   

Only a few minutes away from the city center, you’ll find yourself in a magical landscape bathed in greens and blues, sparkled with rays of the summer sun. No wonder it’s called Zlatni rt (Golden Cape, Punta Corrente).  

Recognized as one of the most important Rovinj attractions, the area was declared a nature park in 1961. It is a true arboretum, rich in native plants (cedars, cypresses and pine trees) and many exotic ones (Lebanese cedar, Douglas fir, Ginkgo biloba, eucalyptus etc.) which hides small bays and beaches with its emerald green cape. The park is closed to the traffic and offers a wonderful shade in hot summer days. In addition to its botanical uniqueness, it is a perfect place for leisure and sport activities.

Laying on the sunbed, sipping a cocktail, listening to the selected dj tunes and watching the offshore islands peeking from the sea... That's where you'll find me ;) So, who’s up for a mojito?!

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