13 May 2021
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Life's a beach - enjoy it in a royal way in Opatija

Unwind and dance the day away

Where we left our dancing footprints...
A series of short, touristically informative blog posts that evoke wonderful summer dance memories. Enjoy remembering :)

Raise your hand who doesn’t like dancing on the beach… Nobody? I thought so :) Feeling the sand between your toes or a warmth of the floor – dance and beach go perfectly together!

Did you know that Opatija’s Riviera offers a variety of hidden bays and beaches, unique in Croatia?! Adorned with villas and houses from the imperial era, the coast there has a special charm. There you will find many picturesque spots for bathing and sunbathing – idyllic pebbles beaches, sandy beaches, and concrete hotel beaches along with exclusive beach bars where you can enjoy in a royal way ;)

And just picture this… Waterfront location right below one of our festival hotels Gardenija, comfortable sun beds nestled among crisp white baldachins, light summer breeze, cocktails, music and a dance floor next to the sea for a whole day of dancing. Top that with our festival DJs setting the mood throughout the entire day… Yup! That was our perfect dance Saturday at the Royal Beach. Looking forward to many of these more – don’t hesitate to visit us in Opatija!

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