17 Jul 2020
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Online experience - check and done!

Our first serious online project

Ten days and many cappuccinos after, we can now finally take a look back and reflect on what was our first serious online project - Seasunsalsa Online Experience - Live from Rovinj!

The idea was simple - make ourselves busy, celebrate the festivals no matter if they have been postponed and connect with our dancing community. We wanted to do it in a simplest way possible but at the same time we wanted you to feel that we do it with all of our hearts. Looking back now - I have the feeling and judged by your feedback - we managed to meet the expectations. A small victory for us but one that drives away the bitter taste of missing the festivals this year. 


So, for those who missed it - our Seasunsalsa online experience consisted of a two day program with live & prerecorded sessions of interesting talkseducational materialsDJ music, interviews and live streams from Rovinj. We have never done anything like it so this was the new ground for us. As the idea came almost spontaneously, with the little time on our hands, the challenge to do this was actually everything and roughly it looked like this:

  • think of the ideas that you guys would love to see online
  • visit our seasunsalsa home - Rovinj and do program from there
  • create the content and engage with our friends and partners - artists, djs, etc
  • make the agenda that makes sense so you can engage with it
  • build the platform to do it
  • do this in 40 days and go to Rovinj and execute it all live

Two days before we went to Rovinj and before it all started we had everything prepared

  • web pages up and ready
  • 31 pre-recorded workshop
  • 22 dance snacks
  • 15 music boxes
  • platform for live streaming ready and tested
  • all equipment in place

Also we have invested our time in learning things and we also got to invest in some equipment. It was fun - well, at least most of the time ;)  By the time we needed to start and go live we were almost all ready. And then the real fun started. Before we started - it was a question who is going to go live as the fear of speaking in front of the live audience is ever existing.

After several live appearances - we simply got into the mood and enjoyed it thoroughly. That was the best part of it as 15 years run without skipping a year, you get attached to what you do. And this was our chance to do at least something if not the real thing. Once the fear of going live disappeared - we did not want things to stop. It brought the feeling of connection with you and doing it in Rovinj was as authentic as it gets. And - it felt good.


These are unprecedented hard times for all of us and for us was important to do something - to keep us busy and to connect with you. We do hope we have brought a little sunshine to your home at least temporarily.

If you like what we do or you did not had time to check what we had done, we have prepared all the material on the website giving you access to

  • Pre-recorded workshops (31)
  • Dance snacks (22)
  • Music boxes (15)

To be able to access this material at this point you would need to register and buy the access to this exclusive material made by the top artists and DJs in our industry and accessible only through Seasunsalsa online experience web site.  Check more details by clicking the button below. Also, we are considering doing other online projects that will at least keep us connected and get us easier through this crisis. Do contact us with your ideas of what you would like to see from us in the future. In other words - let's keep in touch - this too shall pass.


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