07 May 2020
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Podcast episodes 1 and 2

First two episodes rolled! Check them out!

Ten days of preparations, figuring out both the conceptual and technical part made its debut on April 29th when the first episode of the podcast launched. Personally, I was feeling very nervous about it especially few days prior to launching the podcast but not because of the conversational part but mostly due to the technical part. What if something goes wrong with the stream, what if my microphone stops working, how do I record? Those and million other questions appeared in my mind. When something goes live there is no second chance, thus everything needed to go right.

Well, it did, at least for the episode 1. Aside from the production part which of course could be better, I was happy with the conversational part and I got the recording right!

For the second episode I forgot to press the record button at the start so first 2 minutes are lost. What an amateur am I. Well, maybe it could have been even worse. 


In the episode titled Corona crisis: Opportunity or disaster I hosted two of my friends from the industry: a world known salsa DJ, Dmitri Matalka from Dubai and an international dancer, Dado Ibraković from Graz. This discussion was aimed at getting into the topic about how our industry and community fares with current lock-down situation. Check it out in the video how we did it.




Going a step further this episode was about the future of the social dance events. For that occasion I had invited three guests all of who I know and all of them long time members of our SBK social dance scenes: Ania Chagowska, organiser of one of the biggest social dance festivals in the world, Rudi Lopez, bachata artist, dancer and organiser from USA and Joao Rocha, kizomba teacher, DJ and organiser. We discussed the effects of the crisis to their events and we took a peek into the future. Check it out.

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