26 May 2020
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Podcast episodes 3 and 4

We keep rolling!

We are fine tuning things but the podcast episodes are rolling out very nicely and already we have finished four episodes of the podcast with last two episodes being streams live on Facebook too! We keep having Zoom as our platform for making the podcast but we will keep on delivering the content on our social media channels too via live streams.

Encouraged by the podcasting experience we have made already a plans to upgrade the production part of the podcast but also we plan some new exciting projects in near feature. Bear with us until we can share with you more information and in the meantime feel free to watch the seasunsalsa podcast episodes 3 and 4 which we have uploaded also on our official Youtube channel.

EPISODE 3 - Social dance goes online


EPISODE 4 - Music is the king


NEXT EPISODE - Social dance where do you go?

Social dancing is at the heart of our community and social dancers make the biggest part of our Afro-Latin dance industry. The dance floor connects social dancers, artists, promoters, organizers, DJs and everybody else involved in our beautiful scene and although with the time “our dance“ has seen a lot of development, one thing remains the same - we all come down to the dance floor to dance, mingle and socialise together. We all speak the language of dance.

In this next podcast episode we explore the landscape of our social dance community with three esteemed guests and remarkable persons Danay Bustamante (Cuba), Sean Babatunde (UK) and Ayhan Demir (Turkey).

Tune in to the podcast on Wednesday 27th May 20.00h (CET) through either Facebook stream or Zoom link. 


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