09 Jun 2020
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Podcast episodes 5 and 6

Learning experience that pays off

As I continue with weekly podcast episodes there is a certain feeling of achievement and satisfaction coming along with it. Although many things are left still to learn I already feel some new skills emerging from the experience and feeling more confident about both the technology part but also the conversational part. Am not anymore overwhelmed with the details I need to do to make each of the episodes as we automated and streamlined the process and also there is less stress about the whole thing.

However, there is an additional bonus in all of this which I did not predict although is quite obvious - is about connection with the people I speak to. Part of the creation of the podcast episode consists of specifying the topic and making the question list which I send to my guests as we have a short test session before the real thing. After the podcast is done it feels that I know my guests more than I did before and also that I deepen the connection with them in a sense. Is a good and rewarding feeling that motivates me in this podcast adventure.

So, as far as what has been happening in the last two podcasts you can check it out here.

Episode 5 - Social dance


Episode 6 - Confessions of a DJ


Next episode - Dancers journey

In the seventh episode of the podcast we'll try to find answers to questions about why it is important to have good mentors, what it takes to be a good social dancer, how learning never stops and how you grow as a dancer in general. 

Excited to have Myrto Misyri and Panagiotis Aglamisis in this podcast - two great dancers and incredible personalities from Greece. This week we will tune in a bit earlier but of course if you will not be able to tune in live, you will still be able to watch the episode later!

Tune in to the podcast on Wednesday 10th June 13.00h (CET) through either Facebook stream or Zoom link. 


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