04 May 2021
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Rovinj – The labyrinth with no wrong way to go

Where the whole city is a stage

Where we left our dancing footprints...
A series of short, touristically informative blog posts that evoke wonderful summer dance memories. Enjoy remembering :)

Even busy as factory during the festival, I often find myself wanting to get lost in the labyrinth of Rovinj old city streets, searching for those few seconds of beauty and inner peace. I bet you felt that too :)

Built in a Mediterranean coastal style, with colorful houses, small terraces and balconies, narrow stone alleys, cute stairways and hidden piazzette, the heart of the city hides beautiful stories. Here as time had stopped but everything still bustling with life like living stone organism – fisherman setting out to the sea at dawn, grannies doing embroidery and chit chatting about the weather, children playing and people passing by…

Today almost all those vibrant alleys are home to lovely bars and restaurants, art galleries, souvenir shops, markets etc. where you can spend a piece of your time and give a food to your soul.

I imagine many of you know very well those Rovinj streets, keep wonderful love stories or simple adventures with friends, so what do you say I invite you to share with us your Rovinj souvenirs; you can send us photos to inbox, or via email, doesn’t matter as long as we’re connected ;) Those will certainly keep our hearts warm until we fill the city with music and dance again!

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