24 Mar 2021
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The city of Rovinj and our emotional ties

About connection with the Town

Where we left our dancing footprints...
A series of short, touristically informative blog posts and curiosities that evoke wonderful summer dance memories. Enjoy remembering :)

You must have stopped at least one time to admire those beautiful vibrant windows of Rovinj’s facades, facing the sea… But did you know that they’re purpose is not just to admire immense beauty of the sea, but to wait anxiously sailors coming back home safely from a distant and long trip. Every look at the sea was a glimpse of hope.

If you hang out a bit with native Rovinj people, they will tell you the best view of the sea around Rovinj is from Monte. Surrounded by the sea, the city of Rovinj was actually built on the island called Mons Albanus (white hill – due to limestone rocks). Later on, the city expanded to the mainland and the channel between the island and the mainland was filled with earth. Next time you visit Rovinj, don't hesitate to take a boat along the outer walls of the city and try to catch a distant hesitating look to the sea :)

Us, Croatian people from the seaside, we are in deep and unbreakable relationship with the sea in many ways. We have a wonderful saying that wraps it all: what life takes away, sea will bring back.

Starting from that point and passion towards what surrounds us; we came up with wonderful, emotionally fulfilling combination of concepts that became the name of our brand – Seasunsalsa.

We like to consider it a signature of one global family that nurtures friendship and positive vibes. 

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