18 May 2020
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Things are moving forward

We continue regularly with our weekly podcasts but we are preparing for you some surprises too.. Stay tuned!

Third episode of the podcast "SOCIAL DANCE GOES ONLINE" was a great step forward. An inspiring talk with great guests about new happenings in our dance community that will affect things to come. If you would like to know how the current happenings are affecting our scene and will it have effects on how we immerse ourselves in the social dance in the future, check out the episode below.


PODCAST #004 - Music is the king

The saying goes - music is food for the soul. For us dancers, it is like that, but also it's so much more. Today, the Latin music - mambo, son, timba, cha cha cha, guajira, rumba, salsa - binds together our whole social dance community and provides us with life changing opportunities. Each of us in our dancing community could go without many things, but not without its royalty - the music.

We’ll dive deep into the subject looking for answers such are - how the music is being created in the first place, where the musicians get the inspiration from, what is the relationship between Cuban music and mambo and do musicians care about the dancers while the music is being created? Why do we still mostly dance to oldies but goldies tunes? Why is there not so much live music today in the dance events and is there a future of live music at all?

Also, we’ll talk about the music from the dancers perspective. How much the average dancer needs to understand the music so he/she can dance? Does a social dancer needs anything more than the musical basics? What are the basics of musical understanding and is anybody teaching it properly?

I invite you to participate in commenting those and many more questions about the music and dance relationship in this next episode of the podcast - titled Music is the king.

For this special talk about the music in our dance industry, I invited some esteemed guests who live both, the dance and the music. Happy to have with us Svetlana Ray, a teacher and dancer from Moscow, Joaquin Arteaga, band leader of world known salsa band Tromboranga and Adolfo Indacochea, the mambo prodigy of today!



Oh, and one more thing - if you think we are done with 2020 you were misguided ;) We might not be dancing physicaly in Croatia this summer but that does not mean we are not preparing for you something special. 


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