Steel Club

Are you ready to recall some beautiful memories and to warm a bit your feet up before the "springbreak" officially starts? ;)

  • few min. walk from the Rovinj main square
  • spacious halls
  • great air-conditioning system
  • minimalist design
  • extraordinary sound system
  • big open terrace
  • lots of air

Steel club was opened in 2019 and has already made an incredible impact on Rovinj nightlife. 

Raw and minimalist design, extraordinary sound and great air-conditioning makes Steel Club in Rovinj a perfect place for summer full of dancing. Its spacious open terrace gives us plenty of room for either dancing or chatting with friends with that long desired cocktail in your hand. 

Inspired by the most famous clubs in New York, Steel Club in Rovinj will host you at some of our parties :)

See you there!

ADDRESS: Ul. Vijenac Braće Lorenzetto 17, 52210, Rovinj (western part of Rovinj)



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