22 Feb 2024

CSSF drops FIRST CD album!

An exclusive musical treat for making 20-year history together!

Brace yourselves for the HOTTEST musical revelation in our history and the debut of all salsa festivals! 

The time has come to proudly announce the release of our first music album in celebration of our 20th anniversary this year, titled "Croatian Summer Salsa Festival: 20 Years Together”.  This celebration encapsulates two decades of passion, dance, and unforgettable moments in the heart of Rovinj, Croatia.

Teaming up with BIBOMUSIC, a renowned label in the Latin music worldthat recognized the significance of the festival legacy, we've created a musical masterpiece that's set to redefine your salsa experience while celebrating our big jubilee. 



This musical treat is a gift to all salsa lovers who participated in creating the festival's magic over two decades. 

It features a wide selection of salsa styles and origins, including contributions from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Peru, and Switzerland.

The compilation includes historical artists from the early foundation of salsa, such as Richie Ray, Roberto Roena, Bobby Valentin (arranger of "Brujeria" performed by Roxana La Salsera), Alfredo De La Fe, alongside some of the best new generation salsa singers and orchestras.

The album is a deserved tribute to artists who have graced the stages of Rovinj during the 20 years of the Croatian Summer Salsa Festival, featuring names like Cesar Correa, Mercadonegro, El Chino y La Diferencia.

Furthermore, the album showcases four extraordinary female salsa singers and musicians (Roxana La Salsera, Vicky Maria, Benicia Cardenas, and Manon Mullener), and it is finely assorted with boogaloo, cha cha cha, and danceable instrumental Latin Jazz/Salsa tracks.


According to one of the most renowned salsa DJs, DJ Dmitri Matalka, this album is a real dance floor filler! The salsa maestro shared his thoughts on this musical debut: 

“The album is a fantastic collection of salsa music. It takes you on a journey through the heart and soul of salsa, making it a standout addition to any music library. The album excels in production quality, delivering a crisp and dynamic sound that enhances the overall dancing and listening experience. The thoroughly arranged instrumentation, from the rich percussions, deep bass rhythm, the montuno breaks, the piano magic to the lively brass sections, demonstrates a commitment to excellence. 

It serves as a great soundtrack for the Croatian Summer Salsa Festival, reflecting the vibrant, energetic, and happy atmosphere of the event. The diverse selection of tracks ensures that there's something for everyone, whether you're an experienced salsa enthusiast or a newcomer. 

If you're looking for a real and exciting salsa experience, this album is a must-listen.”


Everywhere! Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube – the party's on 150 platforms! Tune in, turn up, and let the festival fiesta take over your playlist!

Listen to the album via these platforms and many more:

7 digital, Amazon Music, AMI, Anghami, Apple iTunes, AWA, Boomplay, Deezer, Hungama, iHeartRadio, iMusica, InProdicon, KDigital, KKBox, Kuack, Line Music, MediaNet, Napster, NetEase Cloud Music, Nuuday, Pandora, Peloton, Qobuz, Resso, Saavn, Slacker Radio, Spotify, Tencent Music Entertainment (TME), Tidal, TikTok, Trebel, and YouTube Music.

Let's keep the festival vibes alive at home!
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