13 Sep 2023

The sale for 2024 is now open!

Let the good times roll!

The moment you've been waiting for has arrived – ticket sales for 2024 are now open! Starting today, you can secure your passes for another unforgettable summer through our new webshop.


A totally new webshop for easier booking

There are all kinds of passes that will satisfy every dancer's appetite and need, and from today they are available in our completely new user-friendly webshop. Besides being embedded into the website, the new webshop makes buying tickets a breeze. It's cleaner, clearer, and more sophisticated – just the way you like it. What's more, your passes will arrive as QR codes, streamlining the registration process. Here is some friendly advice: for clarity on what each pass offers, check out our handy pass legend, also available in the webshop. And yes, don't forget that you can also book your pass through our cherished global ambassadors for an even better deal, starting Friday, September 15.


Stay tuned for more

News about the program, line-up, official hotels, and other surprises will follow, so make sure to stay connected with us on social networks, Telegram, and the newsletter so you don't miss any excitement from your favorite entertainment factory that is on the way.

Act fast because September is the golden month for pocket-friendly ticket prices – the lowest of the season. Book now and start preparing for your new summer adventure!


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