Body Movement Intensive by Delia

Discover new horizons and new ranges of your body movement with Delia in this 3h INTENSIVE BODY MOVEMENT session.

Body Movement Intensive by Delia will increase your self-awareness, self confidence and will discover dance horizons you haven't even known existed. Intended for both men and women!

What's Body Movement Intensive and why would I need it?
Body Movement Intensive is aimed at all intermediate/advanced dancers who'd like to learn how to express music better through body movement. In these 3 hours Delia will go through fundamentals of Afro and mambo towards more complex movements in the end fusing both and challenging you to discover the ranges of your own body. 

You're in the right place if you'd like to understand music better, upgrade your movements, learn some tricks and find new inspiration.

Who's Delia Madera?
If there is one person you have to learn body movement from - then it's Delia! Years of performing and teaching have made her one of the biggest experts when it comes to fusing different dance styles and creating magic on stage. 

When and Where?
Friday, 3rd July from 14:30 - 16:45 and Saturday, 4th July from 12:00 - 13:00h.
Place: TBA

Price and level
Early bird price is 50 EUR (370kn) and it's valid until 1st January 2020. From 1st January till 1st April is 60 EUR (445kn). From 1st April until it's sold out the price is 70 EUR (520kn).

The program is aimed at dancers of INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED level. Limited to 60 participants only.



  • BODY MOVEMENT INTENSIVE is not included in any of your passes
  • this ticket doesn't include any other workshops or parties


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