Linda Aramendiz

This beautiful salsa and bachata professional dancer, instructor and choreographer is here to show you, girls, how to become gorgeous divas on the dance floor!

Specialised in: Cali latin style, Salsa on2
Workshops: 1 on weekend (Fri-Sun)
Shows: 2

Linda's personal goal as an artist is to promote the culture of dance around the world, enhancing the traditions and customs of her country, Colombia, where she was born.

She began her training studies in the field of dance at the age of 12, developing with great agility in different styles and techniques of dance.

Training, learning, creating and sharing the knowledge that she acquires are some of the qualities that characterise her.

Keeping in constant training and learning, her life path led her to Italy, Milan, where Linda currently works as principal dancer of the Ansima production ballet dance company, and also a salsa and bachata teacher of the international school ABC Studios Milano.

World champion in professional salsa and bachata couple category and women duet. During the last nine years Linda has participated in various world competitions and has also as an international guest dancer, judge and workshop leader in salsa and bachata congresses all around the world.

Girls, are you ready to becoming stunning queens when dancing? ;)


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