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Marina & Jakov are interesting mix of styles on salsa scene in Croatia, he likes New York style with afro body movement and she is more into salsa hip hop and jazz.They live for dance!

Marina & Jakov have been friends and collage buddies for years before he took her to her first salsaclass. Three years after they meet again on dancefloor as salsa partners.Jakov had no dance background or talent before he got involved in salsa in 2006. He discovered itwhen a friend asked him to check out the class. After exploring all salsa styles on local classes andinternational salsa congresses he falls in love with salsa On2. The passion for dance eventually grewso big that he moved to New York City for a couple of months to study Afro Latin Funk and trainwith Frankie Martinez. It is unique fusion of dances, founded on classic mambo with Afro Caribbeanmovements and hints of modern, ballet and jazz.

When he came back home he became a full timedancer/instructor in salsa school ‘Fever’ and after 2 years he went back to NYC for some moretraining.He focused on Frankie’ s work again, but also went to learn some from Mambo King himself,Eddie Torres. He trains Dunham dance technique to increase strength, flexibility and sense of AfroCaribbean rhythmic fluidity with Ned Williams and Afro Cuban folklore with master Felix Pupy Insua.He became familiar with pure Latin Soul and Boogaloo, Pachanga and Charleston.As an ex professional basketball player, he was always interested in training the body. He is very intostretching and yoga as key to flexibility and body alignment and uses athletic abilities in his dancing.He likes all kinds of dance music and he is salsa DJ.

Since she was a kid Marina danced, first in dance kindergarten, later in school. At the age of 7 sheenrolled in jazz dance and a year after she began competing in acrobatic rock’n’ roll.
Years after she decides to start dance in the same studio but as cheerleader. During 6 years shewas working as MTV Dance and cheerleading coach and also competing and performing as memberof Dance cheerleading team “Spalatine” , cheer dance champions and vice champions (Croatian,European and World’ s). In the meantime, she attended different workshops in contemporary, ballet,hip hop, tango, ballroom dances.In 2009 she found salsa again when she started to work for salsa school ‘ Fever’ . Now she is assistingand performing with Jakov. She is mentored by Hrvoje KraĹĄevac, Ela Jauk and Jakov himself.In last 2 years she got a licence for Zumba Instructor, Addidas Ballet Instructor and Fitness Instructor.She started her own salsa show dance team 'Mamacitas', a cabaret show, and a Show group forchildren. She still works as an instructor in CentarPlesa Split together with Jakov.

Two of them are members of the organization team of www.salsaparty.hr, event organization, and the best NewYearsEve Celebration in Croatia. 

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Specializing in both CUBAN DANCES and NY/LA/PR styles of salsa